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Methods I Use

Mosaic bits of paper

Perhaps the style most unique to me is my mosaic art. I'm always on the watch for a neat design or pattern, a color that speaks to me, whether for a specific project, an idea, or just a collection for possible future project.  I then tear these finds into the tiniest of pieces often no longer than 2mm each and use to create what ever image I am trying to produce.  

This form of art not only takes tremendous patience and attention to detail but the ability to create a recognizable image from thousands of shards of paper which on their own are just bits but together come to life.


Mixed Media

I love to combine different materials to create landscapes that can take a person away to a world of fantasy. I use a myriad of materials often collected during my travels to create these magical scenes. Most of my mixed media creations are then sealed under layers of resin protecting them for enjoyment in a variety of settings.

Transforming daily use items

As an artist I am always looking for ways to create new art with things we use in our daily lives. This piece was made by died pieces of common paper towels you would find in your kitchen. I picked a few different brands based on their patters and then used water colors to give each a base color. Once dried, I used them to create the final image. I finished the piece using Modge Podge glue.

Methods: Exhibitions
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